Friday, August 7, 2009


Included in “Best American Comics 2008,” edited by Lynda Barry
starred review from “Publisher’s Weekly, "A very smart and humane graphic novel."

Dean and his friends enjoy a paradise of freedom in the woods behind their suburban housing development. But the fantasy can’t last. Their paradise is not entirely their own, and soon, through a series of surprising discoveries and dangerous encounters, the adult world intrudes. As the boys adapt to this new more perilous version of the world, fractures widen and alliances shift until Dean is left to struggle with the dark reality of his army fantasy alone.

Set in the childhood worlds of nature and fantasy Blindspot explores the role of forbidden knowledge and imagery during the transition to adulthood.


Paying the Price

Published in 2006
by The Real Cost of
Prisons Project

This comic book tells the story of the ways in which the financing and siting of prisons and jails affects the people of rural communities in which prisons are built. It also tells the story of how mass incarceration affects members of the urban communities that the majority of people who are incarcerated come from. Included in the comic book are alternatives to the current system. Intended as an activist tool, over eighty-five thousand copies have been distributed across the country.

illuminated documents

Published in 2001 by Autonomedia
Winner of the Silver Medal for Sequential Art from the Society of Illustrators
A docucomic that reveals bad svcience in the language of great art," - Sue Coe
This heavily researched, thoroughly footnoted docu-comic chronicles the history of clandestine racist and ideologically- inspired science and research in America.

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