Saturday, November 20, 2010

WW3 illustrated Thirty Years Old!

And there's an exhibit and celebration:
opening: Tuesday, December 7th, 7 to 9pm
Exit Art
475 10th Avenue
New York, NY

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

WW3 in B.C.

Fellow WW3 co-editors Seth Tobocman and Rebecca Migdal and I will be in Victoria, B.C. this weekend doing performances and panels in conjunction with "Graphic Radicals" at Legacy Gallery at UVic.

Graphic Radicals is a themed presentation of the work of World War 3 Illustrated, a New York artist collective, from the 1980s to the present day. The art confronts issues such as anti-war protests, squatting in New York, the tragedies of 9-11, racism, prisons and anarchism. “This is some of the most hard-hitting, socially-engaged art of the last thirty years,’ explains Allan Antliff, Canada Research Chair in Modern Art at UVic. “Simply put, this artists’ collective took illustration to a new level by confronting the important issues of our time in uncompromising terms.

Graphic Radicals includes dozens of works in the form of posters, graphic illustrations, paintings, banners and other media.

Friday, August 20, 2010

While There's Still Some Left.

It seems my summer was spent in primarily two places: Either in a classroom, teaching comics, or in my studio, drawing comics. Classes ended two weeks ago and I just finished all the tones on my next graphic novel for Henry Holt for Young Readers. It's entitled "A Secret Mercy." and will be out in winter 2012. Here's a peek. Now off to a beach somewhere...

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lab U.S.A. Review

I have to link to this just-published review on the Graphic Novel Reporter of my nearly ten-year-old "docucomic "Lab U.S.A." The reviewer really understood was I was trying to do and, much to my pleasure, refers to it as a "horror" comic. (LINK)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I've been rather absent from this blog (and many other things) as I've been drawing and scanning the 170 pages of my next book, "A Secret Mercy." When my enthusiasm for inking the particular page I'm working on wanes, I often do a little drawing in the margin to satisfy the desire to be doing something without preconceptions or definable purpose. As I scanned my pages, I saved a few of these. So here's a collection:

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Reading With Pictures Anthology

I'm collaborating with Kevin Sacco (and Calvin Pyle!) on a contribution to a fundraising venture for Reading With Pictures.
Here's their copy:
Help Bring Comics into the Classroom
Reading with Pictures is an educational non-profit organization that promotes literacy and the visual arts through the use of comics in the classroom. To achieve our goals, we’ve recently launched a pledge drive on ( to finance the publication of a groundbreaking educational comics anthology. The anthology features a cover by Jill Thompson (The Sandman) and original stories by over 50 all-ages creators including Fred Van Lente (Amazing Spider-Man), Chris Giarrusso (Mini-Marvels), Jim Gownley (Amelia Rules), Jeffrey Brown (Sulk), Scott Sava (The Dreamland Chronicles), and RWP Executive Director Josh Elder (Mail Order Ninja). This limited edition anthology will serve as a proof of concept that comics can be both entertaining and educational, and the only way to guarantee that you get your copy is by pre-ordering on Kickstarter today!
Learn more by visiting us online at
At Reading with Pictures, we’re getting comics into schools and getting schools into comics.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Great Graphic Novels for Teens 2010

I'm really honored that YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association) named Katman as one of the great teen graphic novels for 2010. As if I didn't already love librarians enough. Check out all the great company I'm with (here)